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Thermal Cycler

  • Multi Block Thermal Cycler

    M ulti B lock T hermal C ycler Product introduction: SCGET3XG uses Marlow(US) peltier. Its max. Ramping rate is 5 ℃/s and cycle times is more than 200,000. The product combines a variety of advanced technologies: Windows system; color touch screen; 3 blocks can run gradient...
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  • Stepless Adjustable PCR Machine

    PCR M achine Product introduction: SCGT uses 6 pieces of standard Marlow(US) peltier and cycle times is more than 200,000. The performance of this series is stable, easily operated, very economic. Key Features: The most advanced peltier-based semiconductor technology; Highly...
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We're one of the most professional thermal cycler manufacturers and suppliers in China. Feel free to buy discount customized thermal cycler from our factory.
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