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What To Do If The Bearing Heats Up During Vacuum Pump Operation?
Jun 20, 2018

Since the vacuum pump will be formed under high-speed operation, the rotor rotation speed will form a bearing supporting the rotor heating. Usually the formation of a vacuum pump bearing overheating has the following reasons.

1 valve cracking

When a valve plate cracks, the pressure on both sides of the impeller will be unbalanced, the axial force of the rotor will occur, the load of the bearing will intensify, and the long-term operation will cause the bearing temperature to rise. In this case, replace the valve plate in time.

2. Shaft seal failure

When the shaft seal packing root is damaged or the sealing water passage is blocked, air will be formed to be sucked into the pump body from these damaged cracks, which will form the suction and exhaust performance of the pump. If only one side of the seal fails, it will form imbalance on both sides of the impeller pressure, the axial force of the rotor, the bearing load increases, so that the bearing temperature increases.

3 bearing pre-tightening force is too large

This situation will promote reduction of bearing clearance or no play, resulting in bearing warming.

4. The sensation

When the pump body or the bearing sensation is large, the appearance of the bearing temperature will be too high. Look at the pump to find out the cause of the sensation and eliminate the sensation. Then the bearing temperature will recover.

5. Smooth appearance

The increase in the amount of smooth fat is too small, or the type of smooth grease does not meet, and it may take a long time to use or the grease may be contaminated to form bearing heat. At this moment, you should check the type of smooth grease, ask the manufacturer for the appropriate amount, and adjust the smooth grease to recover the bearing temperature.

6. Bearing damage

After the bearing roll body and the bearing cage are damaged, the appearance of bearing overheating will appear. Damage to the bearings necessitates the timely replacement of new bearings.

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