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What Is The Problem With Smoking In The Exhaust Of A Vacuum Pump?
Jun 20, 2018

After the rotary vane vacuum pump was used for a certain period of time, due to the lack of maintenance work, fumes appeared at the exhaust outlet, and many guests did not know the reason. Today Xiao Bian gives you two factors to share and I hope I can help you.

Vacuum pump exhaust filter failure

The vacuum pump exhaust filter is a kind of accessory material. It plays a role in the separation of oil and gas in the vacuum pump. It can prevent the vacuum pump oil from escaping the vacuum pump body with the exhaust gas. The filtered vacuum pump oil is precipitated and returned to the oil tank. When the air filter fails, the exhaust filter will not be able to filter, and the vacuum pump oil will be discharged with the exhaust gas. The specific performance is that the exhaust port has white or blue smoke. It is generally recommended that customers use 3-6 months to be replaced, the pollution is more severe and the replacement time will be shortened.

Vacuum pump oil carbon deposit, black, like sludge

Vacuum pump oil deposits carbon, blackening, like sludge, so the emergence of fumes at the exhaust. When this happens, replace the vacuum pump oil, remove the pump from the system, and place it under a drain hole with a clean square plate. Unscrew the fill plug and the drain plug and discharge the dirty oil. The motor is intermittently started so that the oil in each vacuum chamber is completely discharged. Then add 200~300cc of clean vacuum pump oil from each suction tube. Start the motor intermittently and clean the vacuum chambers again. In this way, after 2 to 3 repeated cleanings, the cleaning oil is lighted and the oil drain plug is screwed on. Add a clean vacuum pump oil from the fill plug to the center of the viewing window. Tighten the fill plug so that it does not leak.

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