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Vacuum Pump Repair Requirements For Parts Replacement
Jun 20, 2018

In the process of vacuum pump repair, the precision and quality of the parts are particularly important for the performance after pump maintenance. The maintenance personnel must not understand the mechanical structure and its principle, and pay attention to the precision and fit tolerance between the parts. Different quality accessories and their model specification accuracy have a significant impact on the performance of the pump assembly.

At present, the vacuum pump accessories market is uneven in product quality and accuracy. Some customers use inconvenient material accessories to reduce costs, and long-term operation is extremely unfavorable for pump performance. Therefore, before replacing parts, accessories need to undergo technical inspection to ensure new accessories. The quality meets the requirements and eliminates unnecessary trouble.

In the maintenance process of the construction machinery, vacuum pump maintenance personnel must understand the structure and principle of vacuum equipment and analyze the cause of the failure. It is impossible to blindly conclude the cause of the failure and cause new problems. Through fault analysis, not only can we judge the nature and cause of a fault, but more importantly, we can clarify the fault and propose effective measures for improvement. When the vacuum is found to be insufficient, the cause of the failure is not checked, and the working pressure of the system is blindly raised, resulting in damage to the oil seal, piping, and hydraulic components. These informal maintenance methods are available in emergency situations, but they cannot be used for a long time. They must fundamentally identify the cause of the failure and adopt a formal maintenance method to eliminate the malfunction. Therefore, in the failure analysis, starting from the phenomenon of failure, combined with the working principle and structure of mechanical equipment, through the detection of equipment or the use of traditional methods of fault diagnosis, to ultimately determine the cause and location of the failure, should not be "indifferent, blindly large Remove the big unloading." After analyzing the fault, we need the maintenance personnel to take correct and effective methods to repair the equipment.

Because some maintenance personnel blindly repaired, sometimes to save time, parts that could be repaired were used to weld them to death, and eventually the parts could not be dismantled, causing difficulties for later maintenance. For example, when the piston pin is installed, the piston pin is directly driven into the pin hole without heating the piston, so that the deformation of the piston is easily increased, the ellipticity is increased, and the piston is unstable during operation; in addition, some maintenance personnel mistakenly believe that the bolt The tighter the screw, the better, so blindly increase the torque of the bolt, so that the fastener appears to be deformed, it can also cause screw threads or screw break of the screw, affecting the repair quality.

Parts need to be thoroughly cleaned before replacement

In the maintenance of vacuum pumps, especially in poor maintenance environments, our maintenance personnel are required to make every effort to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment. In addition, to use the right cleaning agent, it is forbidden to use alkaline cleaners to prevent corrosion and rust on parts, especially those precision parts. In addition, aluminum and copper components are not easy to clean with alkaline cleaners. Rubber components should not be cleaned together with other steel components in gasoline, diesel, and acid and alkaline cleaners.

During the maintenance of the vacuum pump, if you do not pay attention to the cleaning of impurities on the surface of the component, or improper cleaning methods, it will lead to wear and corrosive damage of components, which will seriously affect the service quality and the service life of the vacuum pump after repair.

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