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Vacuum Pump Filter Use And Maintenance
Jun 20, 2018

The imported vacuum pump filter is a filter device in the vacuum pump and is an important working part of the filter. The filter effect is mainly determined by the performance of the filter. How to maintain and maintain the imported vacuum pump filter?

I. There are three main filtration modes in the operation of imported vacuum pumps

1. Intake filter: It can effectively prevent the solid particles and fine ash from being sucked into the vacuum pump. Reduce mechanical wear and improve operational reliability. It can effectively protect the system components while extending the service life of the pump.

2. Exhaust filter: taking into account the exhaust resistance, dust holding capacity, and oil and gas separation performance, the requirements of the three are optimally balanced. Different internal and external positions require different materials for different separation purposes.

3, oil filter: for the import of vacuum pump oil filter, extend the oil use of the mainstream filter, installed in the oil circuit.

Second, the use of imported vacuum pump filter and maintenance methods

1. Loosen the knob bolt to separate the filter housing from the head. Be careful not to lose the rubber seal and the fiber gasket.

2, carefully remove the spring and felt gasket, and then remove the paper core.

3. Use a brush to remove the dust and foreign matter from the creases of the filter core. Then gently pat it with your hands to make the remaining dust fall. Wipe the dirt on the inner wall of the housing and the dust on the fiber mat.

4. Put the cleaned or new filter back in the reverse order of removal

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