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Sample Concentrator

  • High Precision Sample Concentrator

    Sample Concentrator Description: SCND400 Sample Concentrator (visible) is a high precision temperature control instrument with microprocessor controlled and PID fuzzy controlled technique, its working principle is to blow nitrogen rapid, continuous on the heating surface of...
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  • Sample Concentrator Nitrogen

    S ample C oncentrator N itrogen Description SCND200-2 Sample Concentrator is with microprocessor controlled and PID fuzzy controlled technique. Instead of traditional water bath device, the heat-conducting medium is high purity aluminum. The Test tubes are held in a block,...
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  • Sample Concentration

    Sample Concentration Description The Water Bath Sample Concentration consists of a base and supporting assembly, sample holder and gas distribution system. Test tubes are placed by a spring-loaded sample holder and support tray. The gas passes through the flow meter to the...
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