What are the performance characteristics of the microbial incubator?
Jan 31, 2019

1. Temperature is a decisive factor in the growth of microorganisms. Ideal and strong cell growth can only be achieved when the temperature is within a narrow tolerance range above the optimal temperature.

At ambient temperatures ranging from 5 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius, microbial incubators can be used as a standard to provide accurate results over this temperature range. Through natural convection or forced convection, for the precise implementation of all microbial procedures, it has the advantage of rapid heating and timely recovery.

2. Microbial incubators have higher than normal levels of thermal insulation. This means that even in the face of changes in environmental conditions, the temperature accuracy of the lumen is not affected.

3. The specially designed double-point door closing structure ensures the safety of the door.

4. The internal glass door ensures the sealed performance of the inner chamber from the outside world, and the continuous and unobstructed monitoring of the medium does not affect the constant temperature.

5. Reserved spare function, can allow some auxiliary equipment, such as oscillator, to be added at any time.

6. Disinfection Procedure: A disinfection process up to 100 degrees Celsius for contamination generated during processing. Cleaning the entire inner chamber and the inner glass door does not leave any residue. Has the highest process safety.


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