Vacuum pump type and working principle
Jun 20, 2018

Water ring vacuum pump

The working principle of the water ring vacuum pump: The impeller of the water ring vacuum pump blade is eccentrically installed in the cylindrical pump housing. A certain amount of water is injected into the pump. When the impeller rotates, the water is thrown to the pump casing to form a water ring, and the inner surface of the ring is tangent to the impeller hub. Due to the different concentricity between the pump casing and the impeller, the inlet space 4 between the right half of the hub and the water ring gradually expands to form a vacuum, allowing the gas to enter the pump air inlet space via the inlet pipe. The gas then enters the left half, as the volume between the hub rings is gradually compressed and the pressure is increased, so that the gas is discharged out of the pump through the exhaust space and the exhaust pipe.

Roots vacuum pump

The working principle of the Roots vacuum pump: the continuous rotation of the rotor, sucked gas is sucked from the air inlet into the space v0 between the rotor and the pump housing, and then discharged through the exhaust port. Since the v0 space is completely closed after inhalation, there is no compression and expansion of the gas in the pump chamber. However, when the top of the rotor turns over the edge of the exhaust port and v0 space communicates with the exhaust side, due to the higher gas pressure at the exhaust side, part of the gas is returned to the space v0, and the gas pressure suddenly increases. As the rotor continues to rotate, the gas exits the pump. ,

Rotary vacuum pump

The rotary vane vacuum pump works: The pump casing contains an eccentric rotor. There are several slots on the rotor and there are slides that can slide in the slots. The sliding vane in the rotation groove of the rotor protrudes around and does not contact with the pump casing. The gas is sucked on the side of the space surrounded by the sliding vane and the pump housing, and discharged on the side where the space surrounded by the two is reduced.

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