The structure and function of the incubator
Sep 06, 2018

The incubator is also called a blast drying oven. It is originally a box-type appliance used to raise or raise organisms at a certain temperature. Today, it is used more in aviation, automobiles, home appliances, scientific research, etc. Through the experiment of the incubator, scientists can draw a lot of useful data. There are generally three key factors that determine the performance of an oven. The first is the temperature probe, whose measuring end extends into the air inside the box and cannot be in contact with the object or the wall of the box to monitor the temperature inside the box. The second one is the hot air blower. When the temperature probe measures that the temperature in the box is below the lower limit, the hot air heater is turned on, and the temperature inside the box begins to rise. The third is the refrigeration compressor. When the temperature probe measures that the temperature in the box is higher than the upper limit, the temperature drops, and the cycle reciprocates to function as an incubator.


Some thermostats are more advanced and can have the function of setting the deviation. This means that under normal conditions, heating starts when the temperature reaches the lower limit. At this time, the heating is slightly later, because after the heating starts, the temperature may drop for a while, and then we can set the deviation. Allow it to heat up or cool in advance.

The structure of the incubator is important in material. The outer box is generally processed by high-quality A3 steel CNC machine tools, and the outer shell is sprayed on the surface to make it look smooth and beautiful. The inner box material is generally made of imported high-grade stainless steel. The core insulation materials used are relatively high density glass fiber cotton. A double-layer, high-temperature, high-tension seal is used between the door and the cabinet to ensure tightness in the test area so that the temperature inside the box is more stable. The non-reactive door handle is also more stable. Casters We also use high quality fixed PU wheels.

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