The main purpose of the microscope
Jul 20, 2018

The main purpose of the microscope:

A microscope is used to magnify an image of a tiny object. Generally used in biological, pharmaceutical, microscopic and other observations.

(1) Using the movement of the micro-moving stage, the cross-coordinate line of the full eyepiece is used for length measurement.

(2) Using the rotating stage and the cursor at the lower end of the eyepiece, the differential angle disk is equipped with the position of the full eyepiece, and the angle is measured, so that one end of the angle to be measured is aligned with the cross line, and then another One end also coincides.

(3) Use the standard to measure the pitch, pitch diameter, outer diameter, tooth angle and shape of the thread.

(4) Check the grain condition of the metallographic surface.

(5) Check the condition of the workpiece surface.

(6) Detect whether the size or contour of the tiny workpiece matches the standard sheet.


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