Rotary evaporator method and note
Nov 01, 2018

Rotary evaporator method and note:

1. Install a small amount of gentleman's forest on the interface part to avoid vacuuming when the interface part is leaking. Vacuum silicone oil is required. When the ordinary gentleman's vacuum pressure is high, it is easy to bond and can't be opened! The liquid level in the bottle is preferably lower than the liquid level heated by the water bath to avoid damage to the central axis!

2. (1) Before starting the steaming, adjust the angle of the egg-shaped bottle, the water bath, and the steamer port of the sample, and then load the sample into the egg-shaped bottle to prevent the sample from being installed during the instrument installation. Loss and damage to the spinner port.

(2) After the egg-shaped bottle containing the sample is smoothly connected with the steamer port, first turn the rotary button to check whether the rotation is flexible. More importantly, see if the steamed sample is completely or mostly immersed in the water bath. In the liquid level, this can ensure the steaming efficiency.

3, the sample contained in the eggplant bottle should generally not exceed 50%, and the maximum can not exceed 75%, otherwise there will be a reverse suction when decompressing.

4. Next, install the container containing the distillate. Pay attention to the use of some gentlemen's forest when connecting, to ensure good sealing, pass the cooling water, close the venting valve, open the decompression device, and perform vacuum distillation.

5. During the decompression process, adjust the temperature of the water in the water bath to match the boiling point of the sample you are steaming. This can be seen from the reflux state of the return tube, when the reflux is droplet-shaped instead of It is best when it is water.

6. At the end of the steaming, the venting valve should be opened first to make the air pressure inside and outside the vortex meter consistent, then turn off the rotary switch and remove the eggplant bottle.


7, if it is an organic solvent, to recover, you need to open the freezer in advance, the temperature is reduced very low, and in the steaming process, the speed can not be too fast, at least the evaporation rate can not be greater than the condensation speed, to condense the top of the condensation column The liquid is judged from the position of the suction port.

8, the temperature must be low when starting to heat, otherwise it is easy to bump, the situation is often directly heated to a certain temperature, the solution tends to bump, and slowly heated to this temperature will often not boil.

9. If the amount of liquid to be evaporated is large, the sample can be continuously injected using a liquid inlet tube. high efficiency.

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