Precautions for use of CO2 incubator
Sep 04, 2018

(1) Check the over-temperature safety device regularly to prevent over-temperature. The method is to press the monitoring alarm button, turn the fixed screw until the over-temperature alarm device rings, and then turn off the over-temperature safety lamp. 

(2) The added water must be distilled water or non-ionized water to prevent corrosion of mineral deposits in the tank. Water must be changed once a year. Always check the water in the tank. 

(3) The box should be cleaned and disinfected regularly with disinfectant, and the shelf can be cleaned and disinfected to prevent contamination of other microorganisms, which leads to the failure of the experiment. 

(4) If CO2 is not used for a long time, the CO2 switch should be closed to prevent the CO2 regulator from failure. 

(5) The use of CO2 must be pure, or reduce the pollution of the CO2 sensor sensitivity and CO2 filtering device 

(6) Incubator should be the specialist is responsible for the management, operation panel on any switch and adjust knob and once fixed, don't twist, so as not to affect the temperature in the cabinet, CO2, humidity fluctuations, and reduce the sensitivity of the machine. 

(7) In the incubation box without humidity control, a water container should be placed at the bottom of the box to maintain the stability of CO2 in the box. There is also a three-gas incubator, which is a new product based on the carbon dioxide incubator. It is characterized by the addition of not only CO2 but also nitrogen and oxygen, which are all controlled and regulated by computer. It is mainly used for the reproduction and cultivation of some special microorganism, which is not widely used.

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