Points to be aware of when installing a rotary evaporator
Dec 04, 2018


1. When installing the rotary evaporator, first adjust the angle of the nose. Just loosen the wrench on the right side of the head to adjust it. Generally, it is tilted to the right and left by about 30°. When adjusting, the other hand must hold the head. Must be locked. Then support the fixing plate on the left side of the machine head, then press the vertical rod, and the screws should not be tightened.

2, spindle installation: each grinding interface and sealing surface, the sealing ring must be wiped clean, need to apply a layer of vacuum grease before installation, in order to prevent gas leakage, the nut is first placed on the main shaft, and then the compression ring is placed into the spindle. At the groove (must be embedded in the groove), then screw into the spindle swivel sleeve and screw on the nut. Then use a small hex wrench to slap the hole in the lower part of the head to find the counterbore and tighten it. When searching, use the other hand to turn. Nut, let the wrench align with the counterbore and tighten to lock the spindle. Otherwise, the spindle can be removed. Otherwise, the rotary spindle rotates the sleeve and follows.

3, the installation of the four-way bottle: the large plastic nut is first put into the four-way bottleneck, and then the spring ring is also put into the bottleneck, so that the bottleneck is set aside, and then the sealing ring seat is placed on the PTFE according to the installation diagram. Place the ring seat on the top and screw the large nut on the four-way bottle into the handpiece.

4, the installation of the condensate bottle: first put on the stainless steel support clamp ring, put the population on the body, and turn it to make the interface contact tightly. At this time, fit into the vertical rod, adjust the position and tighten the screw to the upper port to install the vacuum joint.

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