Microscope use precautions
Jul 27, 2018

The microscope must be gently handled. Hold the mirror arm with your right hand and the mirror holder with your left hand. When placing, let the front end of the lens holder touch the table top first, then gently lower the entire lens holder to avoid vibration of the lens body.

In order to prevent the lens from being contaminated, it should be done:

1, do not touch the lens with your fingers to avoid sweat contamination;

2. When descending the lens barrel, be sure to look at the objective lens from the side to prevent the objective lens from touching the cover glass, damaging the slide specimen and the objective lens;

3, when observing fresh specimens, be sure to cover the coverslip and absorb any excess water or solution on the slide;

4. After each use of the microscope, apply the lens to clean the eyepiece and the objective lens.

Do not rotate the quasi-focus spiral at will. When observing, you must first adjust the focal length with a coarse pseudo-focus spiral, and then fine-tune it with a fine focus spiral after seeing the image. Since the fine pseudo-focus spiral has a certain range, when the rotation is not moving, the coarse pseudo-focus spiral should be rotated in the opposite direction, and then adjusted by the fine pseudo-focus spiral. Do not turn hard to prevent damage to the gears.

After the observation is completed, when removing the slide from the stage, the lens barrel must be raised first to prevent the slide from hitting the objective lens. Then turn the converter and turn the objective to the front, in an "eight" shape.


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