Matters needing attention when using the incubator
Aug 08, 2018

Notice and maintenance

1. The instrument should not be used under the conditions of high voltage, high current and strong magnetic field, so as to avoid the interference of temperature controller and the risk of electric shock.

2.Electroplated parts and surface finish shall be kept clean frequently, if not used for a long time, neutral grease or vaseline shall be applied on the electroplate to prevent corrosion, and the incubator shall be placed in the drying room with a plastic film dust cover on the outside of the incubator to avoid damage to the temperature-control instrument.

3.The product has been strictly tested before leaving the factory. Please do not modify the menu setting data of the thermostat.

4.The enclosure must be grounded effectively to ensure safe operation.

5.Please do not place inflammable and explosive items for heating to prevent the occurrence of danger.

6.And please do not put high acid and alkali items to prevent the box from rot and damage.

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