Laboratory glassware cleaning method
Dec 17, 2018

Every day, there are a lot of glassware to be cleaned in the laboratory. Most of them are scrubbed with a brush and stained with dirt. It is time consuming and difficult to clean.

Instruments with high cleanliness requirements are generally rinsed with potassium dichromate wash solution and rinsed with water, but the potassium dichromate wash solution is prone to failure and turn green, polluting the environment;

In addition, a large container can be prepared in the laboratory, and some industrial ethanol can be supplied to the workshop, which can handle both the sodium wire for drying solvent and the washing liquid;

In addition, you can use a larger basin that can be heated, with detergent water (concentration yourself), the key is to add some sodium hydroxide to the washing powder water, soak the instrument in the washing liquid, heat it in the electric furnace for a while, take out The instrument is washed with water and the effect is immediately known.

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