High speed centrifuge speed and refrigerated centrifuge function
Sep 20, 2018

Centrifuges are widely used in medical and laboratory research industries. They are mainly used in blood separation, DNA research/immunology hematology laboratories, laboratory, laboratory, etc. They are serum, plasma and radioimmunity in medical and biochemical laboratories. The ideal product is the necessary equipment for blood banks, laboratories, blood stations, medical colleges and medical research institutions of various hospitals.

Centrifugation is the use of a powerful centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor to accelerate the sedimentation velocity of the particles in the liquid, separating the sedimentation coefficients and buoyancy-density materials in the sample. Therefore, it is necessary to use a centrifugal machine to generate a strong centrifugal force in order to force these particles to overcome the diffusion to produce a settling motion.

When a substance is precipitated in a medium, it is accompanied by a diffusion phenomenon. The diffusion is unconditional and absolute. The smaller the particle size of the substance, the larger the range of diffusion. The sedimentation is subject to the external force. The interview is conditional, and the mass of the object is larger. The faster the settling speed, the high speed centrifuge is available because some of the particles are too small to see the sedimentation process.

The high-speed centrifuge is extremely high in speed, and the centrifugal force generated is extremely high. The speed of the high-speed centrifuge is generally between 10,000 and 30,000 r/min, and the solid-liquid with a small difference in specific gravity can be separated to recover the required solid or liquid. That is to say, the high-speed centrifuge can separate the solid-liquid mixture with a small difference in specific gravity.

High speed refrigerated centrifuge with a refrigeration system. Due to the high rotation speed and large centrifugal force, it is an effective preparation instrument for high-purity separation, concentration, refining of suspended substances in the sample solution and extraction of various samples. It is an important instrument used in scientific research and production departments such as medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, agricultural science, food and environmental protection, etc. It is widely used in various medicines and biological products such as blood, cells, proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, viruses and hormones. and many more.

The main working principle of high speed refrigerated centrifuge:

High-speed refrigerated centrifuge (refrigerated centrifuge is equipped with refrigeration function, refrigeration system (temperature adjustable range -20-+40 °C),) is the use of high-speed cold centrifuge frozen centrifuge rotor high-speed rotation generated by the powerful centrifugal force to accelerate the liquid The sedimentation velocity of the medium particles separates the different sedimentation coefficients and buoyant density substances in the sample.

The high-speed refrigerated centrifuge mainly extracts the required components from the liquid mixture. According to the density of each substance, after high-speed rotation, the dense liquid sinks to the bottom layer, and the liquid with low density floats on it, thus stratifying the liquid. To extract the pure things I need. It is used in many fields such as medicine and chemical industry.

The role of the refrigerated centrifuge:

Quite simply, freezing is literally the creation of a low-temperature environment, and some experiments require the biological activity of the test substance. The centrifuge generates heat during the rotation process, which has an effect on some biological products. In order to ensure that the sample does not break under low temperature, the biological activity is most active at 4 degrees. In order to keep the temperature in the centrifugal chamber at 4 degrees, it is necessary to use a centrifuge with a freezing function.

Centrifuges such as high-speed refrigerated centrifuges are often used to collect microorganisms, cell debris, cells, large organelles, sulfate precipitates, and immunoprecipitates.


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