High-speed centrifuge motor heating causes and treatment methods
Oct 08, 2018

First,whether the concentricity of the spindle of the high-speed centrifuge is precisely aligned. Under normal circumstances, people will not pay attention to the concentricity. If the concentricity of the spindle is large, it will easily cause the bearing to heat up, which will cause the high-speed centrifuge to generate noise during operation.

Second, there may be problems with the cooling fan, etc. It may also be centrifugal overload or overload, or it may be the heat generated by mechanical friction, but the main reason is whether the centrifuge bearing is perfect, if the user chooses to save money to save money Bearings, such bearings are prone to heat, and even serious laboratory accidents such as bearing burnout of short shafts may occur. Therefore, we must choose a better brand bearing, do not choose cheap products and choose cheap products. Even if it is the same brand, its origin is different and the quality may be different.

Third, it is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication of the motor, the selection of high-quality high-temperature lithium base grease, the difference of lithium-based grease is another main reason for bearing heat. At the same time, we have to observe carefully, if the mechanical friction is accompanied by noise, and the mechanical parts have obvious wear, which indicates that there is a problem with the bearing, then the bearing needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is recommended that people buy the brand's bearings, centrifuges to send high-speed equipment, high-speed is to use good bearings, high-quality bearings to ensure the long-term normal operation of the centrifuge.

The above points are the main reason for the heat of the high-speed centrifuge motor. There may be some reasons, such as not paying attention to the balance when the user uses it, which will also cause the motor to heat up.

High speed centrifuge maintenance

1. Do not place any substance on the centrifuge cover. After each use, be sure to clean the inner cavity and the rotor.

2. If the desktop high-speed centrifuge is not used for a long time, the centrifuge cover should be opened for a period of time before use and the inner cavity is dried.

3. The long-term use of the desktop high-speed centrifuge is a normal phenomenon.

4. The workbench and the casing should be kept clean frequently. When the centrifuge is not in use, it should be covered with a plastic cover and stored in a room where air is dry and no harmful gas is immersed.


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