Comparison of working principle between laboratory water purifier and ultrapure water machine
Feb 12, 2019

Introduction to the difference in working principle between pure water machine and ultra pure water machine

Laboratory water purifiers generally use advanced reverse osmosis technology to produce pure water. The working principle of the pure water machine is to exert a certain pressure on the water, so that the water molecules and the ionic mineral elements pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, and most of the inorganic salts (including heavy metals), organic substances, bacteria, viruses, etc. dissolved in the water. It is impossible to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the permeated pure water and the impermeable concentrated water are strictly separated. The pore size on the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001 μm, while the diameter of the virus is generally 0.02-0.4 μm, and the diameter of common bacteria is 0.4-1 μm. The water flowing out of the water machine reaches the drinking water standard. The ultrapure water machine is based on reverse osmosis technology and adds ion exchange and terminal treatment technology.

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