centrifuge machines use the five minefields that you must know!
Jun 20, 2018

centrifuge machine is an indispensable instrument in our experiments. Most scientists have a good idea of how to use the centrifuge machine, but it is to add samples → set parameters → centrifuge machine, but this simple step is hidden, if we are using Inadvertent operation during the process may cause the centrifuge machine to strike. This will cause a lot of inconvenience to our experiments. In severe cases, it will also cause machine damage. Do not be nervous, the following Xiao Bian took you from the various steps to find these "minefield", safe use of centrifuge machines, easy to get tips, it is still a good helper for our experiments.

Minefield One

Whether the card is good

Before use, set the use temperature, cryogenic centrifugation is usually 4 °C. Pay attention to check whether the rotor rotates well, so that the rotor can not be lifted upwards, and the rotor can be rotated manually without shaking and no abnormal noise. Close the lid, the temperature in the cavity begins to drop, pay attention to reserve sufficient pre-cooling time in advance.

Minefield II

Is the sample level?

This link is crucial to the safe use and maintenance of centrifuge machines! Trim contains two concepts of equal weight and positional balance.

Equal weight: The corresponding two centrifuge machine tubes are required to balance the weight on the balance, especially the high-speed centrifugation, the weight of the small gap may not cause immediate danger, but the damage to the centrifuge machine shaft is accumulated for a long time. Most of the centrifuge machine tubes are covered with lids, taking care to balance them together.

Positional balance: The center of gravity of all centrifuge machine tubes is required to be in the center of the shaft. If it is a horizontal rotor, make sure that the center of gravity of a single basket is at the center point of the basket. The sample placement of diagonal baskets should be based on the sample placement of a basket. In strict accordance with the principle of rotor center point symmetry. Centrifugal tubes that are placed in a single order are equilibrated with a centrifuge machine tube filled with fresh water.

Minefield III

Speed setting exceeds maximum speed

Close the centrifuge machine door and set the speed and time required for centrifugation. Note that the speed used must not exceed the maximum speed of the rotor! Generally, the highest speed will be marked on the rotor, but try not to use the maximum speed. It is recommended to use the lower speed under the premise of guaranteeing the centrifugal effect.

Minefield IV

centrifuge machine cavity contamination

After the end of centrifugation, the centrifuge machine lid can only be opened after the rotor is completely still. Generally, there is a prompt sound for opening the lid. Remove the centrifuge machine tube as soon as possible and observe whether the centrifuge machine tube is damaged. If the centrifuge machine tube is found to be leaky, find out the reason and clean the centrifuge machine immediately. Rotor and internal cavity, especially when the organic volatile matter is centrifuge machined, be sure to clean the centrifuge machine after use to avoid corrosion of the instrument.

Minefield Five

After the cryogenic centrifugation, whether the lid is opened to the temperature of the cavity to restore the room temperature

After all the centrifugation is finished, the centrifuge machine should be opened at a low temperature and centrifuge machined. After returning to normal temperature, the water stains can be wiped off. If the lid is not opened after the end of cryogenic centrifugation, it is very easy to cause condensation water to infiltrate into the motor and cause irreversible damage to the centrifuge machine.

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