centrifuge machine operating rules and precautions
Jun 20, 2018

centrifuge machine usage

(1) centrifuge machines should be placed on a horizontally sturdy floor or platform, and the machine should be positioned in a horizontal position to avoid machine vibration during centrifugation.

(2) When the centrifuge machine is in the pre-cooling state, the cover of the centrifuge machine must be closed. After the end of the centrifugation, the rotating head should be removed and placed on the experimental bench. The remaining water in the cavity should be wiped off and the cover of the centrifuge machine should be opened.

(3) Turning head In the pre-cooling time, the rotating head cover can be placed on the platform of the centrifuge machine, or placed on the test bench. It must not be tightened and floated on the rotor because once it is started, the head cover is turned on It will fly out and cause an accident!

(4) After turning the head cover, it is necessary to use a finger to touch the gap between the rotating head and the cover. If there is any gap, it should be unscrewed and retightened until the gap is confirmed and the centrifuge machine can be started.

(5) Place the pre-balanced sample on the rotor sample holder (the centrifuge machine cartridge must be balanced with the sample) and close the lid.

(6) In the process of centrifuging, the operator must not leave the centrifuge machine room. If an abnormal situation occurs, the operator cannot turn off the power (POWER) and press STOP. Before the pre-cooling, it is necessary to fill in the records of the use of the centrifuge machine.

(7) Press the start button, the centrifuge machine will perform the above parameters to operate, automatically shut down at the scheduled time.

(8) Do not use aged, deformed, cracked centrifuge machine tubes.

(9) The last one can be used after a routine safety inspection using a centrifuge machine on holidays and in the evening.

centrifuge machine use precautions

At present, laboratories often use electric centrifuge machines to rapidly rotate electric centrifuge machines, and they must pay attention to safety. In particular, during the operation of centrifuge machines, it is necessary to prevent centrifuge machines from moving while they are working due to imbalance or aging of test tubes. When the table falls off or the lid is not covered and the centrifuge machine tube breaks due to vibration, the glass fragments fly out and cause an accident. Therefore, when using a centrifuge machine, the following actions must be taken into account. The

(1) The body should always be in a horizontal position, the voltage of the external power supply system must be matched, and a good grounding wire is required.

(2) Before turning on the machine, check if the rotating head is firmly installed and if there is any foreign matter in the cavity.

(3) The sample should be pre-equilibrated. The centrifuge machine tube and the sample should be equilibrated at the same time when using the centrifuge machine tube.

(4) When a volatile or corrosive liquid is centrifuge machined, a centrifuge machine tube with a cover should be used to ensure that the liquid does not leak, so as to avoid corrosion of the machine cavity or accidents.

(5) When the centrifuge machine cavity is wiped, the action should be light so as not to damage the temperature sensor in the cavity.

(6) If there is noise or vibration of the body in the electric centrifuge machine, the power should be cut off immediately to eliminate the malfunction. The

(7) centrifuge machine tubes must be placed symmetrically in the casing to prevent vibration of the fuselage, if only one sample tube is to be replaced by another mass of water.

(8) After the separation is completed, the centrifuge machine is turned off. After the centrifuge machine stops rotating, the centrifuge machine lid can be opened and the sample can be taken out. It can not be forcibly stopped by external force.

(9) The use record should be made after each operation, and the performance of the machine should be regularly checked and repaired.

(10) If an abnormal phenomenon is found in the process of centrifugation, immediately turn off the power and report to the relevant technical personnel for maintenance.

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