centrifuge machine is a device that separates samples and is widely used in biomedicine
Jun 20, 2018

centrifuge machine is a device that separates samples and is widely used in biomedicine, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene and other fields.

centrifuge machine is the use of centrifugal force, according to the different principles of the components of the mixture sedimentation coefficient, quality, density, etc., the sample mixture of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid separation.

According to the speed can be divided into low-speed centrifuge machines, high-speed centrifuge machines, ultra-centrifuge machines, etc.; according to the temperature can be divided into refrigerated centrifuge machines, room temperature centrifuge machines; according to the capacity can be divided into micro-centrifuge machines, large-capacity centrifuge machines, super-capacity centrifuge machines; According to the shape can be divided into desktop centrifuge machines, floor-type centrifuge machines.

1. When using various centrifuge machines, the centrifuge machine tube and its contents must be accurately balanced on the scale in advance. The difference in weight during the balance must not exceed the range specified in the specifications of each centrifuge machine. Each centrifuge machine has a different rotor. For the respective allowable difference, a single number of tubes cannot be loaded in the rotor head. When the rotor head is only partially loaded, the tubes must be symmetrically placed in the rotor head so that the load is evenly distributed around the rotor head.

2. If you want to centrifuge machine at a temperature lower than room temperature. The rotor should be placed in the refrigerator or in the turret chamber of the centrifuge machine before use.

3, during the centrifugation process must not leave, should always observe the centrifuge machine on the instrument is working properly, if abnormal sound should immediately stop the inspection, timely troubleshooting.

4, each rotor has its own higher allowable speed and use cumulative limit, when using the rotor to consult the instructions, not too fast. Each rotor must have a usage file. The accumulated use time should be recorded. If it exceeds the higher usage limit of the rotor, it must be used at a reduced speed.

5, when loading the solution, according to the specific operating instructions of various centrifuge machines, according to the nature and volume of the liquid to be centrifuge machined, select the appropriate centrifuge machine tube, and some centrifuge machine tubes without lid, the liquid can not be installed too much to prevent the centrifuge machine The spin-off results in unbalanced, rusted, or corroded rotor heads. Centrifugal tubes of preparative ultracentrifuge machines often require that the liquid must be filled to prevent the upper part of the plastic centrifuge machine tubes from sagging during centrifugation. After each use, the head must be carefully inspected, cleaned and wiped dry in a timely manner. The rotor is the key component to be protected in the centrifuge machine. Be careful when moving it. Do not collide and avoid injuries. When turning for long periods, do not use it. Apply a layer of polishing wax to protect it. Do not use the centrifuge machine tube with significant deformation, damage or aging.

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