Causes of high temperature of vacuum pump and its cooling method
Jun 20, 2018

What are the methods for cooling the vacuum pump? In general, a vacuum pump is a device that uses various methods to improve, create, and maintain vacuum in a closed space. Next, Xiao Bian introduces you to the cause of the high temperature of the vacuum pump.

First, the reasons for the high temperature vacuum pump

1, less fan blades, resulting in a small amount of air, so the heat can not keep up;

2, the motor power is too large, resulting in increased operating current, so the thermal power is also large;

3, the fan speed is low, so the wind pressure is low, the air volume is small;

4, the motor attached to dust, oil and other dirt, reducing the cooling function;

5. The bus voltage of the vacuum pump motor is 380V. Due to cable voltage drop and non-uniform distribution, the voltage applied by the motor is lower than 380V. In order to ensure constant power, the current increases and the thermal power increases.

Second, the cooling method of vacuum pump

The motor power and speed are matched with the vacuum pump, so it cannot be changed. The fan is mounted on the motor shaft. The motor speed determines the fan speed, so it cannot be changed. Increasing the number of fan blades can play a role, but the increase in blades, the original dynamic balance is broken, you need to find a new point of equilibrium, and the new point of equilibrium is not easy to find, if the dynamic balance is wrong, it will cause Severe vibration of the motor. So generally take the following approach:

1, increase the bus voltage of the vacuum pump to 400v;

2, the original fan cover lengthened 40cm, install an axial fan with the diameter of the fan through the inside, axial fan motor power requirement is 850w, speed 14889r/min, voltage 380v. The original fan is reserved. The axial flow fan is set in another power source control, the axial flow fan runs after the vacuum pump starts, and the axial flow fan is stopped 30 minutes after the vacuum pump is stopped to make the main motor fully cooled;

3. Keep the motor clean and clean, regularly clean the dirt on the motor and increase the cooling capacity.

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