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Dry Bath and Shaker

  • Dry Bath Incubator

    Dry Bath Incubator Description: The SCES1000 Dry Bath Incubator with heating lid is an incubation based on semiconductor heating refrigeration technology and PID automatic temperature control technology. Timing flexible, constant temperature function and multi-points...
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  • Digital Dry Bath

    D igital D ry B ath Description: SCDH300/SCDC10 is microprocessor controlled Dry Bath Incubator. Instead of traditional water bath device, the heat-conducting medium is high purity alumium. The exact desired temperature is easily set using the arrow keys on the sloped control...
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  • Dry Heat Bath

    D ry H eat B ath Description SCDH100 Series high temperature dry bath incubator controlled by microcomputer, use high purity aluminum material as a heat conduction medium instead of the conditional water bath device. which is easy to use, wide temperature range, high...
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  • Mini Dry Bath

    Mini Dry Bath Description: Minibox & MiniBox-C Mini Dry Bath Incubator is a microprocessor-controlled product. It is widely used in preservation and reactions of sample, DNA amplification and initial denaturation of electrophoresis and so forth. It fits almost anywhere...
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  • Molecular Biology Shaking Incubator

    S haking I ncubator Description: SCTCS10 & SCTS100 thermo shaker is a temperature controlled shaker, which is useful for a variety of molecular biology applications. Speed, time and temperature settings are continuously visible on the LCD, simultaneously showing both...
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  • High Speed Microplate Shaker

    Microplate Shaker Description: SCMS100 Shaker for Microplates is a type of high speed shaker, which is with brushless DC motor and microprocessor controlled technique, specially for elisa plates (96/384 wells), tissue culture plates (24/48/96 wells). Features: 1.LCD display...
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  • Dry Bath Laboratory

    D ry B ath L aboratory Description: SCTS300 thermo shaker for microplates is a multipurpose thermostatic shaker controlled by brushless DC motor and PID intelligent temperature control technology. which PID fuzzy control technology can accurate to ensure that the temperature...
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  • Biological Indicator Incubator

    Biological Indicator Incubator Description: The SCB80 Biological Indicator Incubator is compact, versatile, reliable and easy to use. Designed for single temperature incubation of the EO Biological Indicators. The thermometer is included with the incubator, provides easy...
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  • Medical Analysis Multi Tube Vortexer

    Multi-Tube Vortexer Description: SCMS200 Multi-Tube Vortexer is with technique of brushless DC motor and microprocessor controlled technique. Unique knob operation is easy to use. It can maximum process 50 samples at once. A variety of test tube foams can be selected to meet...
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  • Microplate Incubator for Samples Cultivation

    Microplate Incubator Description: SCDH400 Incubator for Microplates is a kind of microprocessor controlled and PID controlled incubator. It is compact, versatile, reliable and easy to use. It is mainly used in elisa plates(96/384 wells) or tissue culture plates(24/48/96...
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  • Microplate Incubator Shaker

    M icroplate I ncubator S haker Description: SCDH500 Incubator for Microplates which PID fuzzy control technology can accurate to ensure that the temperature control precision and automatically adjust the heating rate, reduce waiting time. It is the ideal automation tool for...
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  • Digital Orbital Shaker

    D igital O rbital S haker Description SCMPS-20 Orbital Shaker is a high speed shaker with brushless DC motor and microprocessor controlled technique. Mix and culture all kinds of flask, petri dish and beaker, by changing different platforms. It can be applicable in different...
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