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  • Softening Point Tester: RKA 5

    Description The ring-and-ball softening point tester automatically determines the temperature at which a substance attains a particular degree of softness . It is used for samples without sharply defined melting points , which become softer and less viscous as the temperature...
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  • Grease Working Machine: GWM 5

    Description The automatic grease working machine GWM 5 simplifies the exhausting grease working procedure necessary for preparing greases and other semi-solid materials for shear stability tests . The comparison between penetration and other rheological test values of fresh...
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  • Fraass Breaking Point Tester: BPA 5

    Description The automatic breaking point tester determines the brittle behavior of bitumen at low temperatures. The Fraass breaking point is the temperature at which the first crack appears in the coating of a thin, flat steel plaque, flexed under descending temperatures. Key...
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  • Digital Ductility Meter: DDA 3

    Description The automatic DDA 3 force-ductility meter offers three procedures to measure bitumen properties: Ductility or elongation is measured by the distance to which a sample will elongate before breaking. Elastic recovery is measured by the recoverable strain determined...
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