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Centrifuge Machine

  • Centrifuge For Sale

    Features: * Programmable microprocessor control(AC brushless motor) *LCD display: speed, RCF,time, conversion of RPM/RCF * External cold-rolled steel with powder coating, stainless steel centrifugal chamber and lid * Fan-forced air circulation system for fast recovery of...
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  • Mini Centrifuge

    SCMPC-P25 Mini-Plate Centrifuge is the first one adopted an unique design for the horizontal rotor centrifuge (Patented) in the world. The plate or tubes set into the rotor with 2pcs slope-rotor-shelf. It can quickly spin down droplets and condensation and is for use before...
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  • Low Speed Centrifuge

    Model: SCL-500
    Max. RCF: 4980*g
    Max. SPEED: 5000r/min
    Power: AC230V 50HZ
    Noise: ≤65dBA
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  • Ultra-speed Centrifuge

    Features: *Microcomputer control. *Brushless motor. *9 procedures of adjustable speed and 10 kinds of self-defining modes. *LED display:speed ,RCF,time,conversion of RPM/RCF. *Door with double lock system. *Centrifugal bias stress tolerance up to 30g. *Modify parameters...
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  • Large Capacity Centrifuge

    Model: SCLF-500
    Max. RCF: 5030
    Max. Speed: 5300r/min
    Noise: ≤65dBA
    Max. Capacity: 4*750ml
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  • High Speed Centrifuge

    Model: SCH-1600
    Max. RCF: 17800*g
    Max. Speed: 16000r/min
    Noise: ≤65dBA
    Max. Capacity: 12*10ml
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  • Refrigerated Centrifuge

    Model: SCLF-600R
    Max. RCF: 6680*g
    Max. Speed: 6000r/min
    Noise: ≤65dBA
    Max. Capacity: 6*1200ml, 6x 500ml
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  • High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

    Model: SCH-1850R
    Max. RCF: 25330*g
    Max. Speed: 18500r/min
    Noise: ≤65dBA
    Power: AC230V 50HZ
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  • Blood Centrifuge

    Model: SCTD4NC
    Max. RCF: 2800*g
    Max. Speed: 4000r/min
    Noise: ≤65dBA
    Max. Capacity: 32x 15ml
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  • Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge

    Model: SCLC-530
    Max. RCF: 4900*g
    Max. Speed: 4200r/min
    Noise: <55dbA
    Accuaracy: +-28r/min
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  • Benchtop Mini Centrifuge

    Speed: 6000rpm
    Fuse: 0.5A 250V
    Power: ≤50W
    Max(RCF): 2000g
    Input voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
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  • Microplate Centrifuge Machine

    Rotating speed: 2200~2800rpm
    Timing range: 15sec ~1min59sec
    Max(RCF): 550g
    Acceleration time: ≤10sec(0 to 2800rpm)
    Brake time: ≤4sec(2800rpm to 0)
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