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Analysis Of Inverted Regular Soft Drinks With PBA-SI M

Analysis Of Inverted Regular Soft Drinks With PBA-SI M

Description The PBA-SI M (Packaged Beverage Analyzer for Soft Drinks with Inversion) is the up-to-date measuring system for beverage analysis. D etermine sugar (°Brix), CO 2 and degree of inversion in soft drinks without prior sample degassing. The beverage is filled into the analysis system...
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The PBA-SI M (Packaged Beverage Analyzer for Soft Drinks with Inversion) is the up-to-date measuring system for beverage analysis. Determine sugar (°Brix), CO2 and degree of inversion in soft drinks without prior sample degassing. The beverage is filled into the analysis system directly from its container and is then measured within five minutes: °Brix, CO2 and degree of inversion are determined in a single work step. By simultaneously measuring both density and sound velocity the current °Brix, the °Brix before the start of the inversion, the °Brix after full inversion and the current degree of inversion are determined fully automatically. The modular system consists of the Soft Drink Analyzer M density and sound velocity meter, the CarboQC ME CO2 measuring module, and the PFD 

Key Features

Precise beverage analysis without sample preparation

  • No sample preparation required (no degassing, no filtering)

  • Measurement directly out of glass bottles, PET bottles and cans

  • Precise determination of °Brix, CO2 and degree of inversion

  • Additional output: Package pressure and dissolved air

Reproducible measurements of inverting samples

  • For soft drinks containing cane sugar or beet sugar

  • Combined density and sound velocity measurement

  • Determination of current °Brix, °Brix fresh, °Brix inverted and degree of inversion

Fast, comfortable and safe

  • Measuring time: 5 minutes

  • Modular design (Plug and Play)

  • Intuitive touchscreen operation

  • U-view™: Live image of density measuring cell from a built-in camera

  • Safe and clean sample handling with the PFD Filling Device (Plus)

10.4" touchscreen

  • Applies state-of-the-art PCAP technology

  • Provides a premium user experience and overview

Technical Specifications

Technical Data of PBA-SI M

Measuring rangeRepeatability, s.d.
Density0–3 g/cm³0.000001 g/cm³
Concentration sugar0–15 °Brix< 0.01 °Brix
Concentration sugar fresh0–15 °Brix0.02 °Brix
Concentration sugar inverted0–15 °Brix0.02 °Brix
Degree of inversion0–100 %1 %
CO20–6 vol. (0–12 g/L) at 30 °C (86 °F)
0–10 vol. (0–20 g/L) < 15 °C (59 °F)
0.005 vol. (0.01 g/L)
O20–4 ppm2 ppb (in the range < 200 ppb)
pHpH 0–140.02 (in the range pH 3–7)

Typical measuring time3–5 minutes
Maximum allowed volume of packages to be handled by PFD/PFD PlusCan: 0.5 L
Glass bottle: 1 L
PET bottle: 3 L
Sample temperature15–25 °C (59–77 °F)
Sample volume per measurement120–150 mL
(approx. 20 mL per additional measuring module)
Compressed gas:
necessary quality of air if used as compressed gas supply
Class 5 from ISO 8573-1
max. particle size: 40 μm
max. pressure dew point: +7 °C (44.6 °F)
max. oil content: 25 mg/m³
Compressed gas:
necessary quality of nitrogen supply if Option O2 is installed:
Purity ≥ 99.999 %
Class 5.0
max. particle size: 40 μm
max. pressure dew point: +7 °C (44.6 °F)
Operating pressure for PBA system6 ±0.5 bar relative (87 ±7 psi)
Dimensions (L x W x H) of the PBA system495 x 700 x 670 mm (19.5 x 27.6 x 26.4 in)
VoltageAC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption190 VA (incl. external measuring modules)
Power inletaccording to IEC/EN 60320-1/C14, protection class I
FusesGlass tube fuses 5 x 20 mm; IEC60127-2; AC 250 V; T 5 AH
Environmental conditions (EN 61010)Indoor use only
Ambient temperature15–35 °C (59–95 °F)
Air humidity10–90 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Pollution degree2
Overvoltage categoryII
Altitudemax. 3000 m (9800 ft)

Technical Data of Soft Drink Analyzer M

Touch screen10.4″ TFT PCAP touch screen 640 x 480 px
Housing materialSealed housing
  • Top and side cover: Aluminum, coated

  • Back: Aluminum

  • Front: Xsample slot cover plate: Polystyrene / Butadiene

Memory1000 measured data with/without camera pictures
Interfaces4 x USB (2.0 full speed)
1 x Ethernet (100 Mbit) 
1 x CAN Bus
1 x RS-232
1 x VGA
RS-232 printer settingsInterface: RS-232 C; Baud rate: 9600; Parity: none; Stop bit: 1; Data bits: 8

Packing & Shipping

Delivery detail:

UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT express are available for your choose which take 3~ 5 days to arrive,and  we will offer the tracking number for you to check the status of your items online at any time. 

 By air cargo which takes about one week to arrive .

 By sea which takes about 20-30days to arrive , depending on your actual requirements.


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