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  • Digital Ph Meter

    PH Meters Functions: 1.Larger color touch screen with navigation operation; 2.Smart operation system, support functions such as methods management, electrode management, calibration management, data management, user management etc. 3.Supporting electrode management, up to...
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  • Air Ion Meter

    I on Meters Functions: 1.Large LCD with back light. 2.PHS-3E support auto temp compensation. Specifications:
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  • Portable Ion Meter

    Conductivity Meters Functions: 1.Special backlit LCD display 2.It can measure conductivity, TDS, salinity and temperature. 3.With automatic temperature compensation and automatic calibration. 4.It provides power failure protection and automatic power-off functions. 5.With...
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  • Dissolved Oxygen Meters

    Dissolved Oxygen Meters Functions: 1.Three reading modes to meet different customer measuring needs. (Smart-Read mode, Continuous-Read mode, Timed-Read mode). 2.More accuracy measurement with reminder the electrode performance and calibration 3.Auto upgrade hardware: Complete...
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  • Multi Parameter Meters

    Multi-Parameter Meters Functions: 1.With 5.7 inch large touch screen and English operation system for easy use. 2.Support measure pH, pX, ORP, ion concentration, conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen, saturation and temperature at the same time. 3.It...
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  • Auto Titration Machine

    Automatic T itrator Functions: SCZDJ-5B (Support potential titration) SCZDJ-5B-D (Support conductivity titration and potential titration) SCZDJ-5B-Y (Support dead-stop titration and potential titration) SCZDJ-5B-G (Support photometric titration and potential titration) 1.With...
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  • Automatic Volumetric Titrator

    Volumetric Titrator Functions: 1.Big screen LCD display. 2.Coulometry method, adopt non-membrane electrode, it is suitable for most of the samples, especially the moisture measurement of polluting samples. 3.It has shift end point control function, can automatically determine...
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  • Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

    M ultiparameter water quality meter Functions: 1.Built-in 420nm, 470nm, 620nm, 700nm LED light; Long lifetime; High precision 2.Using spectrophotometric method, built-in ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, high and low COD test item 3.Support one-point and multi-point...
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  • Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer

    Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer Functions: 1.LED light, Long lifetime; High precision 2.Use high performance low power consumption single-chip technology, friendly man-machine interface 3.Support one-point and multi-point calibration, user can edit the calibration curve 4.Each...
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  • Chemical Oxygen Demand Meter

    Chemical Oxygen Demand Meter Functions: 1.LCD display for easy use 2.It can show COD measuring data directly and there’s no need to calculate by users. 3.Adopts coulometric titration method and there’s no need to prepare standard volumetric solution. Also, there’s no need to...
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